The 2 Litre towel

super absorbent, to dry you better.

Yes, it really does soak up 2 litres of water.

Ever bought a towel only to find it doesn’t dry you very well? Well, that’s because many imported towels add chemical fabric softeners to hide the harsh feeling of their low quality cotton. These ‘softeners’ actually repel water rather than absorb it. So you end up with a towel that doesn’t do the very thing you bought it to do; dry you!

Grab a bucket and try it for yourself.

And it's Australian Made.

It’s super absorbent and wonderfully soft because it’s woven from the highest quality, Australian Grown cotton. And it’s made right here in Australia too, at our weaving mill in Country Victoria. So not only will The 2 Litre Towel dry you better, we hope you’ll also feel better knowing you’re buying local.

The 2 litre towel

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